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Boneyard Birdies II

The Golds

Beachcombers II

Colors of Spring

Boneyard Birdies

Step by Step

Cruise Control

Life's A Branch

Evening Dunes

Cage Free

Southern Whispers


Birdie in the Boneyard

Fly By

Follow the Leader

Lakeside Silhouettes

Dinner Invitation


Wild and Free

Evening Glider

Biding His Time

Scarlet Moments

Silhouettes Along the Shore

Presenting Spring

Tropical Isles

Just For Show

Please Do Not Disturb

Hey Handsome

Life on the Edge

Wee One

Autumn Hues

The Gate Keeper

Elegance in Motion

Flights of Fancy

Witchity, Witchity

Spring Fever


Misty Morning

Summer Golds

Mystical Morning

Spring Passage

Blushed Pink

Making a Comeback

Amidst the Mangrove Shadows



A Little Night Life


Evening Glow

In His Prime

Brake for Red

Evening Grace

Evening Ibis

Above Amber Fields

Sandy Keys Treasure

By the Old Mill Stream

Face of America &
Portrait of a Red Tail

Pelican Bay
(see special note on enlargement page) 

Goldfinch III

Majestic Display

Too Tight for Comfort

Rest Stop

The Shallows

Winter Residents

First Snow

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