Under Cover
Iris and Pine Barrens Tree Frog
Acrylic on Composition Board
23" x 7"
Private Collection

Being a naturalist, I try to keep up to date on environmental issues. One of the biggest problems we face here in New Jersey is urban sprawl, which is beginning to encompass farmland, watershed areas, wetlands, beaches and an area known as the Pine Barrens. Thanks to the NJ Open Space Referendum, parts of these natural areas are being saved from development, but not fast enough to curtail the disappearance of certain endangered species. The NJ Pine Barrens Tree Frog is one of those species in peril.

In this simplistic, oriental design type of painting, the point is as clear as the rain that falls. The little frog is positioned to have a certain amount of protection, yet, in his ever shrinking habitat, he is seeking shelter in a garden variety iris -- planted by the hand of man.