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And unfortunately, in some countries today, cheetahs are considered to be vermin and are shot on sight. This attitude is changing slowly, through education, radio collar tracking, and the dedicated work of the Cheetah Conservation Fund headed by Laurie Marker. Laurie resides in Namibia, where the cheetah population is the largest in the world. There she conducts research, rescue operations, rehabilitation, release programs, and, most importantly, education. To learn more about Ms. Marker's work, go to

On the Prowl
African Cheetah
Traditional Miniature
Acrylic on Composition Board
Image: 6" x 2 1/2"
Frame: 10 1/8" x 6 5/8"
Private Collection

The cheetah is the most graceful animal of the cat world. The ancient Egyptians revered them. Today we admire them for their grace, agility and, most of all their speed. But like so many of the world's wild cats, the cheetah is in serious trouble. Long ago, something happened to devastate their populations. We know this because scientists have discovered that the DNA of all cheetahs today is the same, which indicates that present populations all came from one source.