Actual size

Boneyard Birdies II
House Sparrow
Traditional Miniature
Image: 3 x 3“
Frame: 7 1/4 x 7 1/4”
Hand wrapped fabric mat

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The penny appearing on the artwork is only for scale.

Boneyard Birdies II was selected for the Society of Animal Artists 57th Annual Exhibition, “Art and the Animal” that opened at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradell, NJ. This painting was also chosen for the 2018 SAA National Tour, which has now concluded.

Although not every piece of art from the original exhibition was selected for tour, you can view all 124 works in both 2D and 3D formats in the online catalog by clicking HERE. Please note: You’ll need to scroll to page 15 to begin enjoying the show.

My husband loves antique trains, and so do I but for totally different reasons. I'm fascinated with the abstractions formed by layers of peeling paint, rust, textures and the earthen colors of these old workhorses. This particular boxcar provided it all, but it was the repetition and juxtaposition of the various sizes of circles, squares and triangular shapes in negative and positive form that really spoke to me. It obviously speaks to our feathered friends too, as these undercarriages provide safe havens for all those little birds that call these transportation boneyards home.

House sparrows are amongst the most common birds in North America and they live intimately with us in our manmade structures such as building eaves, street lights and nest boxes instead of in natural nesting sites such as holes in trees. They may not be exotic or colorful, but these little hippity hops can sure be fun to watch!